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Karting for my Bournemouth Stag Do


  • 2 hour event - times may vary for small groups
  • Computerised Timing
  • Top speeds of 40mph
  • 200cc petrol karts
  • 375 metre state of the art track
  • Safety Briefing
  • All equipment provided
  • Trophy Presentation
  • Track is based in Southampton
  • Minimum of 8 people required for Grand Prix style racing, smaller groups may have a different race style

*Please note, the location of the karting track is outside Bournemouth and towards Southampton. 

Karting in Bournemouth : Information

See who's the Lewis Hamilton of the group and go Karting on the Bournemouth Stag Do!

If we had to choose a single activity for a Stag Do it would have to be Karting. You and the lads will be stowed away, safe from the typical British weather as you get ready for some need for speed action.

The track is a state of the art, fast paced, 375 metre circuit and is without a doubt the best Indoor Karting track in Southampton, and one of the best in the country. It's a short track so you can expect plenty of high energy, adrenaline fueled laps competing against the boys. The lap record stands at an eye watering 23 seconds - think you have what it takes?

The Karts are pretty fast if you ask us, they're light, powerful and the 200cc engine powers the Karts right up to 40mph! Perfect for a tight Indoor Karting circuit. The sweeping bends, hairpins and arrow-like straights are ideal for a group of lads out on a Stag Do.

From the excitement of the green light at the starting grid to the adrenaline rush of lapping other racers, Karting really does hit the spot like no other activity can. Whiz around the state of the art track and battle it out to be named Karting champion of your group, or at least to achieve a podium finish. There will be a trophy presentation at the end and we all know you want to be up there. 

It's the fun that counts = what the loser says.

We provide all the equipment for you guys (including the karts obviously!) so all you need to do is turn up and have a great racing session.

Will you be the fastest? Only one way to find out!

Why choose Karting for a Stag Do in Bournemouth?

Well, why wouldn't you? Its an age old Stag Weekend favourite and we've had nothing but fantastic reviews. The fast and furious action has long been a part of Stag Do's and it doesn't seem to be stopping or slowing down any time soon.

It's Grand Prix style racing, meaning you'll have a 5 minute practice, a 10 minute qualifying round and a 15 minute final.

The Karts in Bournemouth (or Southampton...) are powerful, they have 200cc petrol engines and are capable of speeds up to 40mph. On top of that they're the ideal choice for blasting around this high-octane, tight circuit, so ideal that even Jeremy Clarkson would be jealous of the afternoon you're going to have.

This one is for you competitive lads. The record lap time at the 23.047 seconds and if you're good enough to beat it we would love to have a Maximise customer on top of the leaderboard! The average lap is 28 seconds so you're in for a tough time beating it.

The fantastic circuit isn't the only reason we love the Karting in Bournemouth, we love it because there is a bar on site! There aren't too many places you can finish your Karting and head straight to a bar on the same site, but here you can.

Parking can be a nightmare in the summer and although it might not sound like a big deal now, it will when you're all parked 20 miles apart it random places! Luckily there is free parking at this venue so if you're on a one day Stag Do, without a hotel to park at, you're in good hands here.

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Good to Know:

No driving licence is required.

It is prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol. The venue has the right to refuse participation to any member of the group who may be a danger to themselves or others. With that in mind we feel its good to start at an earlier time so if you have a preferred time please let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Bournemouth, this Karting stag weekend activity, having a Burger & Baps lunch afterwards, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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