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Bucharest Stag Do ideas

Sick of all the common stag party retreats? 

Bucharest is the ideal place for a Stag Do and is now fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It's certainly well-deserved!

Capital of Romania, known to many as 'Little Paris', Bucharest has a ridiculously wild nightlife scene and amazing Stag Do activities at a crazy low cost. In fact, Bucharest has some of the cheapest prices in Europe, which is another reason why we love it for a stag weekend.

Double your beer consumption while surrounding yourself in a great atmosphere with gorgeous Romanian women. A pint will only set you back £1.50, so you and the lads won't break the bank on the beers. With no government enforced closing time, pubs and clubs in Bucharest have taken on a whole new meaning of 'open till late'.

Bucharest combines exciting activities with amazing nightlife and affordable flights, accommodation, food and drink. It is a shining gem and a city designed with Stag Do's in mind.

You are pretty much guaranteed to have a good stag do in Bucharest. But Maximise has a few suggestions to make it a great one.

Put the pedal to the metal with either the Rally Car Experience or Stunt Driving before getting your hands on some powerful firearms with our AK47 & Pistol Shooting activity. Shooting activities are always a popular choice when it comes to a stag weekend and this one is sure to help the stag do in Bucharest go off with a 'bang'!

As both these activities require you to be sober, make up for lost time afterwards with a guided Bar Crawl followed by a trip to the strip club where you'll enjoy UNLIMITED BOOZE.

Getting out of bed after a big night can be a challenge, especially if you are nursing a hangover. But you'll have no trouble rising the Sexy Wake-up during the stag do in Bucharest. A stripper, dressed as a maid, will wake the stag with the sound of "housekeeping', but we can't guarantee the room will be any cleaner after she leaves. Probably the opposite in fact. 

There is nothing like a Pool Party to cool off after the hot stripper. Chill out in the pool or take the time to get absolutely hammered and chat to the local girls. Also, there's a Private Cruise that comes complete with a few drinks and... you guessed it, another stripper! We're in Bucharest after all.

A true hedonistic Stag Do destination. There are plenty of excellent activities to do in Bucharest and we can help you out with pretty much anything!

One of our best activities in Bucharest is our AK47 Shooting. The power is mesmerising, the recoil is psychotic, so no man can fire one of these without a huge smile on his face.

Another great activity of our is the Sexy BBQ Party, held in an erotic massage parlor, you and the lads can enjoy a terrifc BBQ dinner whilst enjoying some even more delicious strippers! There are so many gorgeous, Romanian girls in here you'll be spoilt for choice.

There are plenty of other top class Stag Do activities for you to enjoy such as Karting, Paintball, River Cruises, other Shooting Packages and a whole lot more.

This party capital has come a long way since it's communist past. Bucharest has a seriously energetic and spicy nightlife. The first thing you need to know is Bucharest does not start to party until after 9pm, but more importantly, there are no licensing hours so the bars and clubs take on a whole new meaning of 'open till late'.

While it is impossible to count all the bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs across Bucharest, most of its famed nightlife can be found in the old town area known as Lipscani.

From mammoth clubs with top DJs to laid-back bars featuring local live music, Bucharest has one of the liveliest and cheapest nightlife scenes in Europe. But, it's the city's female population that is Bucharest's biggest drawing card. Undeniably, Romanian women are beautiful and with dozens of adult clubs, massage centres, strip clubs and another local Red light district haunts, it's impossible not to notice these stunners.

Whether you want to party onboard a limo as you enjoy a striptease, head to the strip club to enjoy unlimited booze and more, enjoy a sexy BBQ, strip poker, a dominatrix show, lesbian strippers or Body Sushi, these women are far from short supply and can be enjoyed every second of your stag do in Bucharest. 

If you want to find the most popular Bars you'll want to head to the city centre, especially in and around Unirii Square and Gabroveni, Selari, and Lipscani streets. But, for the best nightlife in Bucharest, enjoy our guided bar crawl. We can also sort you out with drinks packages, club entry and more.

Lastly, everything is a walking distance from each other and most of the clubs are open throughout the night.

While Bucharest is now a vibrant city and one of the best stag party destinations in Europe, the former Soviet nation still bears signs of its communist history. For the Stag interest in history you can discover some of the famous communist landmarks such as, the Palace of the Parliament.

But, if sightseeing and history aren't your cup of tea and you find yourselves with some spare time, just stick to the Lipscani District. All the best pubs and shops are located here and it's a part of the city you just have to visit, especially at night.

We have mentioned booze. Beer is super cheap in Bucharest but that doesn't mean you should stick to what you know, the best local beers, recommended by locals, are Timisoreana, Ursus or Ciuc. Or, try locals spirits Tuica, Visinata, Zmeurata and Afinata, if you can actually pronounce it well enough to order it... Well, thats why we provide guides, ay?

Lastly, you might see a lot of dogs roaming around while you are in Bucharest, the city has a ridiculous amount of stray dogs. Don't mistake cuteness for friendliness, they end up biting nearly 10,000 people per year and we're sure drunk blokes on Stag Parties are on that list.

If Bucharest isn't ticking all the boxes for your Stag Do, you can also check out our other top stag do destinations including Budapest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona, Hamburg, Prague, Munich, Bratislava and Krakow!

And as for the UK and keeping things on home soil, our best stag do locations are London, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Brighton, Leeds and Birmingham.

Check out the destinations tab at the top of the page to keep planning you epic Stag Do!

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