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Tattoo Workshop & Beers for your Krakow Stag Do


  • 1.5-hour activity 
  • 1 instructor per 4-5 people 
  • Learn how to create tattoos 
  • Synthetic skin
  • Use of real tools
  • 2 beers per person
  • local guide
  • 33% discount on real small tattoo 
  • The activity takes place in a tattoo studio in the neighbourhood of Kazimierz

Tattoo Workshop & Beers in Krakow : Information

Learn all the tricks of the tattoo trade during your stag do in Krakow with this bizarre, but awesome, Tattoo Workshop & Beers.

Whether your body is full of tattoos or not, this Tattoo & Beers activity will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Don't worry boys nothings permanent. While the beers are real, the tattoos are fake unless you want to buy one on the day. During this Tattoo Workshop & Beers, you and the lads will learn how to create a tattoo. Not on each other, but on synthetic skin. You'll learn all about designing, as well as the tools used to make a tattoo.

If you and the lads feel inspired on the day, you can get a 33% discount on a real small tattoo. 

The activity takes place at a top tattoo studio in the neighbourhood of Kazimierz.

15 people
2 Nights


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