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Man VS Dog for my Krakow Stag Do


  • 1.5-hour activity
  • Protective suit for the groom
  • German shepherd and two professional instructors
  • A local guide to accompany you
  • Transfers

Man VS Dog in Krakow : Information

Whether you want to stitch-up the stag in the ultimate way or give him the experience of a lifetime, he's guaranteed not to forget this Man VS Dog activity during his stag do in Krakow. 

If you've got a groom who thinks he's fearless, see how fearless he his when he's up against a fully-grown, fully-trained and fully-ferocious German Shepard.

The rest of the stag party can stand back and watch the show as the stag gets baited by a trained K-9 dog, who will hunt the stag down... and latch on.

Don't worry, he'll release...eventually. Or when told by his master.

Luckily enough the stag will be wearing protective gear and there will be a professional handler to keep things in order... maybe tell the stag to take a change of underwear though. You know, for just in case.

15 people
2 Nights


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