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Bunker Paintball for my London Stag Do


  • 2-hour session
  • 200 paintballs each
  • You'll use top of the range weaponry and safety equipment
  • Special Ops coveralls, Protective face mask, Optional vest and armoured gloves
  • Several hundred feet of themed playing areas
  • The best indoor paintballing venue in London
  • Based in a former Cold War nuclear bunker
  • Located in Greenwich
  • Instructors
  • You'll also have access to free parking, spacious changing rooms, hot showers, lockers (day hire for £1)

In a decommissioned cold war nuclear shelter deep underground, you and your team will be taking on a series of exhilarating missions in order to save the world

Bunker Paintball in London : Information

Bunker Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Bunker Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends

Held in a former Cold War Nuclear Bunker, this Bunker Paintball activity is as realistic and intense as it can get!

Paintball has long been a firm favourite among stag parties and this Bunker Paintball session will be no exception. Besides being a crowd-pleaser, this is the only paintball experience the weather can’t spoil.

We provide all the equipment you guys need in this state of the art venue, the best in and around London, as well as an Instructor to ensure it all goes smoothly. By smoothly we mean covering the Stag in bruises of course!

From the movie-inspired battlefield to the state of the art equipment you'll be using to take down your enemy. Get ready for an epic adventure in a series of nail-biting games, set to challenge players both old and new in this Bunker Paintball session during the stag do in London.

About this Bunker Paintball Session.

Hidden deep underground lies several hundred feet of themed playing fields. Based in a former Cold War nuclear bunker, you'll join an elite special force team, receive your mission and enjoy one of the most engaging games of paintball on offer in London.

You'll experience the adventure of your lives as you battle it out to save the world from imminent nuclear disaster during this Bunker Paintball Session.

What makes Paintball the perfect Stag Do activity?

The pain for starters! It isn't called PAINtball for no reason... Very few things the same competitive edge as a game of paintball. The bruises are essentially trophies of your performance, unless you're terrible of course, then they're just regular bruises...

We're not saying loads of Pain makes for a good activity, but the pain, competitiveness and rugged terrain make this activity a must do for any Stag Do.

Although there are loads of other great activities to choose from, for larger groups this is definitely what you're looking for. Very few things can keep a group of 20+ guys entertained but Outdoor Paintball is most certainly one of them.

Some examples of game scenarios you might want to play:

Team Deathmatch - Simple, yet effective. Team Deathmatch is as standard as it comes in Paintball as two teams battle it out to be crowned victorious. Once you're hit, you're out and the team without any remaining players loses. Not too complicated, right?

Capture the Flag - Heading over enemy lines, you and your team will attempt to capture the enemies flag and try to safely escort it back to your own base. Eliminations are the same as Team Deathmatch, once you're hit you're out, so take some cover, move as a team and protect the flag with your lives! Another variation of this is central Capture the Flag, where both teams are after the same flag, rather than each others.

Utter hilarious comments such as my flag is bigger than your flag are to be expected.

Bomb - Or as its sometimes know - Sabotage, is another great game for a Stag Do as you and the lads have to deliver a bomb to the enemy camp in a certain time limit (when the bomb explodes... probably) or eliminate the opposing team by shooting them all.

These are a few examples of the scenarios you may expect to play, but the instructor will have others as well.

Other great activities for a Stag Do in London:

When it comes to Stag Do activities London is very well off, there are hundreds of fantastic activities for you to choose from but we'll just highlight some of our favourites. Indoor Karting and Shock Football are just two of our favourite activities in London.

If Bunker Paintball isn't your thing we have a couple of alternatives in the form of the more traditional duo, Outdoor Paintball and Indoor Paintball.

Good to Know:

We provide the first 200 Paintballs, but more can be purchased on site.

This goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway - bring old clothes and shoes!

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in London, this Bunker Paintball stag weekend activity, changing to Combat Archery, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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