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Karting for my London Stag Do


  • Safety Briefing and equipment
  • Computerised timing
  • Different tracks available
  • Practice session, qualifying session for your grid position in the final race
  • Trophies awarded to the top 3 drivers
  • Bar
  • Pizza & Drinks option available
  • Free Parking
  • Minimum 8 people required for Grand Prix style racing, smaller groups may have to do a different race style

Karting in London : Information

Who's the Lewis Hamilton of the group? Go Karting during the Stag Do in London and you'll find out!

Enjoy a fast and furious kart session at one of London's top Indoor Karting facilities during the Stag Do. A stag party favourite and one that never fails to impress, Indoor Karting is the must-do activity for any weekend away with the lads. 

The day will start off with a few practice laps over a 10-15 minute period and the fastest person will be on poll in the main race. Afterwards you head out for some Grand Prix style racing and those who achieve a podium finish will get a trophy to remember the occasion.

We provide all the equipment for you guys and that includes gloves, helmets and everything else you need to ensure you have a top class time. A race suit is even provided, which makes you feel like a real pro racing driver!  

Computerised scoreboards record race times and fastest lap times so there is no hiding from the truth or the jokes if you're slow! 

Being slow is harder than it seems as the Karts can reach a speed of up to 40mph, although it feels double that when you're only inches from the ground.

From the excitement of the green light at the starting grid to the adrenaline rush of lapping other racers, Indoor Karting really does hit the spot like no other activity can. 

Some information about our Karting tracks in London:

We can get access to any of these fantastic venues, but generally we will just go with whatever is available or close to any other activities you have booked with us. Sometimes we may make the decision dependent on how many people you have in your group as some tracks can accommodate large groups, but others cannot. However, if you have a preference please let our sales team know!

Here are the locations and some details of the tracks:

Central - A fantastic 800 metre, multi level track with an average lap time of 49 seconds, our Central London site has 3 different tracks so there is loads of space to get racing using the 40mph ECO Electric Karts provided! Also, it has recently been revamped and refurbished and the state of the art facilities are the best in the city.

North - A faster lap than the other tracks, the North London site is also an 800 metre, multi storied track but the blistering straights and 9 long, sweeping bends mean you can expect to complete a lap in around 45 seconds! You will be using 200cc BIZ Karts, which are petrol powered.

East - Once again it is a multi storied, 800 metre track but this time it features 270cc LPG Karts, which are petrol powered. The lap takes around 53 seconds and the recent work done now means this site can accommodate up to 20 drivers.

South -  The South London venue is a little different to the other 4 in a sense there are two tracks at the same venue. Both of them are 400 metres which is considered small, however they can be connected together to make a full 800 metre circuit! The Karts are petrol powered 200cc BIZ Karts, and you can expect to complete a lap in around 25 seconds, and just below 50 seconds when the tracks are connected.

West - A slightly smaller track, around 500 metres means you can expect to complete a lap in 28 seconds. This track is again multi storied, and although its less complex and shorter than the others its still an exhilarating ride. Once again you'll be driving ECO Electric Karts.

What to do after Karting in London:

If you're looking for top class Stag Weekend activities then London has you covered, the activities are great and the nightlife is legendary. Some of our favourite things to do in London are Outdoor Paintball, Bubble Football, a Top Night Out and our Riverboat Party Cruise & Club Entry package.

Good to Know:

No driving licence is required.

Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol. The activity centre will refuse participation to any member of your party, which it feels may be a danger to themselves or others so its good to book it in for an earlier time.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in London, this Karting stag weekend activity, changing to Bunker Paintball, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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