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Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do


  • Camouflage, helmets and gloves
  • An Instructor - Safety briefing and instructions
  • All gas, guns and other necessary equipment
  • 100 paintballs - more available on site
  • Different game zones set over over 40 acres of dense woodland
  • This Outdoor Paintball venue has 4 different game zones offering a wide range of different games.
  • Due to demand and availability, you may head to this site or one of the other many sites located in and around London - you will be informed at the time of booking

Please note, this Outdoor Paintball activity takes place outside of the city centre

Outdoor Paintball in London : Information

Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Outdoor Paintball for my London Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends

Unleash hell and a ton of paint on your mates with the Outdoor Paintball activity during the London Stag Do!

An absolute crowd pleaser and stag party favourite for decades, you can't go wrong with unleashing hell and paint onto your friends.

So, go on, cover your friends in a rainbow of bruises with this Outdoor Paintball session during the Stag Do in London.

We'll load you up with your first 100 bullets so there are no excuses for not hitting at least one of the lads... Plus, there are more available on site do the more you buy the more you shoot!

About the Outdoor Paintball venue in London:

The Outdoor Paintball venue is set over 40 acres of dense woodland in the Sidcup district, south-east London. It has 4 different game zones waiting for your trigger-pumping action. 

This venue is quite simply one of the best fields in the South of England, incorporating a village, land rover trenches and bunkers, as well as a bazooka, line rocket and a massive explosion area.

Enter the densely wooded warzone of the deserted village, as tactics and bravery will be required to rid the town of the enemy who is hiding around the corner and ready to splatter you with paintballs. Can you liberate the enemy flag and gain the advantage of reaching the massive steel drums, which are excellent for providing cover against the heavy hostile fire, or will your enemy reach them first?

In short, this place is breathtaking and leaves you with the wow factor - guaranteeing you'll be wanting more

About some of the different game zones at this Outdoor Paintball site:

VILLAGE -  Firstly, battling it out in a deserted village environment adds endless twists and turns that do not occur in normal outdoor paintball game. Not only is this Village a great field, but it will test all of your team’s tactics to the max. Each team starts at either side of the village so the main firefight will take place in the centre of the village. The hut’s offer some great hiding spots for the players that want to sniper out the enemy. But, they also provide some great cover for the Rambo’s that want to kick doors down and clear buildings. Be careful of the blind corners - you never know where the enemy could be hiding!

SPEEDBALL - The name gives a pretty good clue as to how this paintball game will unfold. This is the smallest game zone at this venue, but that's what makes it one of the most enjoyable paintball fields out there. The teams start off within eyesight of each other so there’s no fear of a lurking enemy, but it works both ways because you'll know where they are hiding and they know where your hiding. There is a lot of coverage on this field, which encourages fast aggressive paintball. The best form of defence is offence and this field guarantees some close quarter paintballing. action.

BARRELS - A far more open field with two bases, two bases and one objective -  to “liberate” the enemy flag!

Armed only with your paintball gun, your team must push through to the enemy base, grab their flag and return it to your own base. The middle of the field is dominated by oil drums that offer great protection from the onslaught. The two teams are sure to meet in the centre but make sure you remember the objective when the paintballs come flying in your direction. 

Other great activities for a Stag Do:

London has a plethora of activities available for a Stag Do and some of our favourites are Bubble Football, Combat Archery, Indoor Karting and our Burger & Baps meal.

Good to Know:

We provide the first 100 Paintballs, but more can be purchased on site.

This goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway - bring old clothes and shoes!

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in London, this Outdoor Paintball stag weekend activity, changing to Indoor Paintball, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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