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Thorpe Park for your London Stag Do


  • Entrance to the famous THORPE PARK
  • Unlimited access to rides
  • Adrenaline fuelled rides
  • Action-packed day out

Thorpe Park in London : Information

An amusement park that needs little introduction, enjoy a day at Thorpe Park during your stag do in London.

A must-do for any hardcore adrenaline-junkie, Thorpe Park has more than 30 thrill-seeking rides =, as well as other events and attractions.

Unleash the daredevil within and take on the loops, spins, vertical drops and incredible speeds of some of Europe's most thrilling roller coasters and amusement park rides.

Brave Stealth, Europe's fastest and officially the UK's best roller coaster. It casually accelerates from 0 to 80mph in under two seconds. Colossus, the world's first ten loop roller coaster and there. The action and attractions don't end there, there is also the Nemesis Inferno, a 4.5 G-Force experience. And, these are just some of the rides you have to try during your London stag do.

If this is not enough, Vortex will swing and thrust you high above a lake, Slammer gives you the full-throttle freefall experience and Rush is still the world's biggest air-powered speed swing.

And for those that can't handle the big boy rides, there are some family-friendly ones too, as well as the usual amusement park attraction and food stands.

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