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Wine Tasting for my London Stag Do


  • Private session for your group
  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Learn how to swirl, sniff and taste like a pro
  •  Compare champagne with excellent sparkling wine
  • Tasting some quality red & white wines
  • Port can be included if desired
  • Minimum of 10 people required


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Wine Tasting in London : Information

Think you know everything about wine? 

Don't worry if you don't, you will after this Wine Tasting session during your stag do in London.

 If you can't tell a merlot from a zinfandel, we'll give you and your stag party the opportunity to learn about wine, and more importantly, drink a few glasses in the process.

More importantly, it's a great excuse to squeeze in some extra day drinking during your stag do, but in a more sophisticated way then just necking beers down at the pub.

15 people
2 Nights


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