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Its a Knockout for my Newcastle Stag Do


  • Team warm-ups and safety briefing
  • All costumes and inflatables provided
  • Hilarious games and competitions
  • Expert game coordinators
  • Plenty of laughs guaranteed
  • Start time of 1pm
  • Minimum of 8 people required for this activity

Its a Knockout in Newcastle : Information

Hilarity guaranteed during Its a Knockout in Newcastle!

Take a trip back in time and become a contestant in one of the most insane shows in the world. We all loved Its a Knockout and now its time to take that love from the screen to the real life.

Although there's no cameras or TV deal, you and the rest of the lads will feel like contestants on the hit TV show, It's a Knockout during the Stag Do in Newcastle! What could be more fun than taking on some of the craziest inflatable courses and colossal costume games around?

Be prepared to don a ridiculous costume, get dirty, roll around on the ground and have an action-packed afternoon! We provide all the equipment and costumes and there are total of 8 hilarious games for you all to play.

It's a Knockout is a great way to get everyone involved and to have a laugh with your mates on a Stag Do. It truly is unique and massively different to pretty much every single activity that you typically get on a Stag Weekend, so if you think the traditional Paintball & Karting won't do, Its a Knockout is for probably the right choice for you.

What games should you expect in Its a Knockout?

Its a Knockout has 8 hilarious and totally unique games, and you'll be playing every one of them! They're as follows:

10 Maids a Milking - A foot race, almost like an obstacle course though as you run over/under a large inflatable to the cow. The first person to milk the cow and fill their bucket wins.

Caterpillar Tracks - A race to and from one side of the track to the other. The only catch is you have to go one at a time and stay in the Caterpillar track.

Penguin Pursuits - Race to a cone while dressed in a Penguin suit. Once you reach the end you need to throw a hula hoop over the cone and then race back to your teem. The next member then puts on the costume and you repeat until everyone has successfully done it.

Chicken Run - Race through the inflatable collection as many pieces of chicken as you can. The team with the most pieces wins so any mid game snacks will not be appreciated by teammates.

Rapid Run - The objective of this game to transport as much water from one side, to the other side, over a raft. 

Ski Funday - Similar to skiing, but imagine having 3 or 4 of you on each Ski... yh we know, sounds incredible! Basically you and your team just race from one side of the track to the other, and back again.

Water Works - Split into teams you will need to transfer water from one bucket to another, using only sponges.

Fast Food Frenzy - Covered in foam, submurged underneath are many food items. Each team has a list of 10 food items and must throw them to the 'chef'. The winning team is the one who completed the list first. 

Other top activities to do before or after Its a Knockout:

When it comes to great Stag Weekend activities Newcastle is the King of the UK. There are a huge amount of adrenaline packed activities and we're going to highlight some of our favourites.

One of the best, and most popular activities for a Stag Do in Newcastle is our Karting & Paintball package. its a great deal, especially if you want to combine two of the Stag Weekends top activities into one action packed afternoon.

Its a Knockout is a tough activity, and one that will leave you starving and our Burger & Baps meal is the ideal way to fill your stomach.

A fantastic alternative to Its a Knockout is Newcastle's own Geordie Games. Its basically the Geordie equivalent of Total Wipeout and a must do for a Stag Do.

If none of those are working for you we have another top class activity, which just happens to be a Stag Do favourite, our Outdoor Paintball.

Good to Know:

There is a set start time of 1pm for this activity, though you must arrive at 12.30pm for a briefing and the activity itself will take at least a couple of hours. 

Wear old clothes & shoes. Its a Knockout is our very own fashion destroyer so we advise you to wear something you don't care about.

A minimum of 8 people are required for this activity.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Newcastle, this Its a Knockout activity, changing to the Bubble Football, or any of Maximise's Stag Weekend Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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