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Turbo Cricket for my Newcastle Stag Do


  • All equipment included

1 - 2 hour activity depending on group size

Central indoor or outdoor venue

Pitch hire

Event coordinator

Unique take on cricket with new rules

Minimum of 10 people required

Turbo Cricket in Newcastle : Information


This is cricket, but not as you've seen it before!

Basically, its T20 but speeded up. It's a way to spend a couple of hours on your stag do in Newcastle. If you think T20 cricket is fast, Turbo Cricket will blow you away!

This is a shorter and more exciting way to play the gentleman's game. There are 10 overs per innings, played on a reduced size pitch with a soft cricket ball, so it's fast, it's furious and it's hilarious.

The unique twist is that batsmen can have an unlimited amount of turns and all players must bowl.

We also throw in 3 overs per innings known as Turbo Overs, where runs are worth double!

Other twists to add to the fun include 6's worth 10 runs, 'joker cards' and punishments! 

15 people
2 Nights


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