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Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons for my Prague Stag Do


  • 4 different guns
  • 40 bullets each
  • Instructor
  • Safety briefing
  • All equipment provided
  • A local guide to accompany you
  • Can not consume any alcohol prior to this activity
  • Breath test (There has to be 0.0mg/ml of alcohol in your blood) - The activity can be cancelled otherwise 

Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons in Prague : Information

An adrenaline-fuelled activity with the likes of an AK-7 and other powerful guns. This Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons Package is a top activity for your stag do in Prague.

A shooting activity never goes astray when it comes to a stag do, especially in a city where the gun laws are a little more relaxed than what they are back in the UK.  

So, add some gun powder and make sure things are bang-on target during your stag do in Prague with action-packed addition.


A shooting activity is always a crowd pleaser and this shooting activity is no exception! 

Maximise will sort you out with an English-speaking guide who will accompany you to the gun range in your private minibus transfers. We will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation or at an activity's location depending on your schedule. 

Once you've been given the safety briefing, you'll have 40 bullets each to shoot between 4 guns. 

Depending on availability, you have two different gun packages to choose from.

Package 1: 

  • Glock 17 (10 shots)
  • Revolver (10 shots)
  •  M16 (10 shots)
  • AK-47 (10 shots)


Package 2: 

  • Glock 17 (10 shots)
  • Scorpion EVO (10 shots)
  • AR 15 (10 shots)
  • AK 47 (10 shots)

 You'll also get one on one tuition so there are no excuses for missing the targets!

Of course, no stag weekend is complete without a little banter or healthy competition, so the paper targets will be collected and your scores will be calculated at the end of the session allowing for the winners and losers to be announced. 

WHY CHOOSE THE Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons PACKAGE:

Since the dawn of time shooting packages and shooting activities have been a favourite activity among men. Whether we are hunting, shooting a glass bottle in the bush or playing Call of Duty, there is no denying we like shooting stuff and a stag party is no exception.

So, it's no surprise shooting activities have long been a favourite stag party activity especially when one of the most infamous guns in the world is involved, the Avtomat Kalashnikova, better known as the AK-47.

But that's not where the fun ends with this shotting activity, you have the options of a Revolver, M16, Glock 17, Scorpion EVO or a AR 15 to spray your targets with!

Perfect for a no-girls-allowed stag weekend of fun, masculinity and doing things you wouldn't normally get the chance to do, this Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons Package ticks all the right boxes. Fun mixed with some healthy competition—it has all the right ingredients for a great stag party activity. 


If you want to keep the day filled with adrenaline, manliness and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Maximise recommends you follow this activity up with Tank Driving or go extreme and try White Water Rafting, Flyboard or Bungee Jumping during the stag do in Prague. 

Prague is a city where anything is possible and being extreme is always on the cards.

If however, after all the action and adrenalne of this shooting activity, you and the lads might want to have a relaxing afternoon, you can't go past our River Cruise that comes with a LESBIAN STRIP SHOW and UNLIMITED DRINKS!!!

As for the nightlife, no exceptions, it should be as wild and as action-packed as your days. Get the most out of Prague's nightlife with our Top Night Out, which will see you embark on a 3-hour bar crawl with your English speaking guide. You also see Prague's finest when you take a trip o the strip club and you'll finish your night in one of the city's top clubs where Maximise can sort you and the lads out with priority queue jump entry, spirits and mixers and a private table for the night!


While some things certainly go together, some things certainly don't.

And, one thing that really is no match is getting your hands on some serious weaponry while drunk. So, for obvious reasons, you cannot be intoxicated during this Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons activity on your stag do in Prague.

For activities where drinking is absolutely allowed, check out the famed Beer Bike, Beer Tasting, a Cocktail Workshop, a Brewery Tour or the River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks & Stripper for your Prague Stag Do.

If you're undecided and want some more information on Prague Stag Weekends, this Shooting Indoor 4 Weapons Package, our other shooting packages or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas. 

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