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Indoor Karting for the Vilnius Stag Do


  • Return transfers
  • English speaking assistance
  • Safety instructions
  • All the necessary safety equipment
  • Racing mask
  • 10-minute warm-up race
  • Final Race (10 minutes)
  • Group size is a min of 6  and of max 18
  • Available year-round
  • Total duration with transfers is 1.5-hour

Indoor Karting in Vilnius : Information

A classic activity that never gets old, enjoy some healthy competition between the lads with Indoor Karting during your Vilnius Stag Do.

It's one of the best-selling stag do activities and for good reason, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping better than Indoor Karting. Not only can you enjoy some fast-paced action, but you and the lads can finally settle old scores and see once and for all who the better driver is.

And be by better, we clearly mean faster!

15 people
2 Nights


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