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Footgolf for my Amsterdam Stag Do


  • 18-Hole course
  • Briefing + 90 minutes of playing
  • Half Time break
  • Local instructor
  • Equipment hire
  • Soft drinks and snacks provided after the game
  • Lasts for around 2.5 hours in total


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Footgolf in Amsterdam : Information

In the latest craze to sweep the stag do circuit by storm, we welcome the bizarre world of where football meets golf, Footgolf, perfect for your stag do in Amsterdam!

The rules? Pretty much the same as a normal game of golf, but with your feet and a football instead.

It's very funny and someone will rack up a score that provides banter for the rest of the stag weekend! 

What's better is the snacks and drinks provided after the game. For extra bragging rights, make the loser buy the next round! 

15 people
2 Nights


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