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Stag Arrest for my Amsterdam Stag Do


  • Fake arrest by actors disguised as Police
  • Blindfolds and handcuffs for the stag
  • Various scenarios available
  • 15-minute tour/drive through Amsterdam
  • Strip club entry for the entire stag party
  • Lap dance for the groom
  • Local guide

Stag Arrest in Amsterdam : Information

It wouldn't be a proper Amsterdam stag do without at least one stag stitch up and we think one of the best pranks would have to be a Stag Arrest.

A fake one, of course!

So, give the stag the scare of a lifetime, and make his stag weekend truly unforgettable with a fake Stag Arrest in Amsterdam.

How the Stag Arrest in Amsterdam works:

The scenarios can vary but it usually involves the stag's ID and some officers. Whether you're at a bar or have had a noise complaint at your accommodation, the stag is getting arrested and blindfolded and taken away!

Generally, the fake Stag Arrest (or kidnapping) works best with one of Maximise's Bar Crawls or evening activities. Picture the scene; the groom-to-be is at a bar in a city he does not know, he's drunk and then the police arrive. They start screaming at him, he does not understand what is happening, of course, he doesn't because he does not speak a word of Dutch. All the police say in English and all the guide can translate is "where are the papers" before he is handcuffed and led out of the bar. And that's just the beginning ...

We also highly recommend sorting out some sort of costume for the stag, something that can add to the situation and lead him to believe his being arrested for his ridiculous attire.

Regardless of the exact scenario, he'll be thrown in the back of a 'police vehicle' and he'll be taken to the 'police station'.

He'll probably also be blindfolded because the police in Amsterdam do things differently...

That's believable enough...

While this is all happening, you and the lads can take glory in what you can imagine will be going through your mate's head during this time. It's his final few days of unmarried life and he has got himself in some serious trouble with the Amsterdam authorities for being drunk and disorderly. This can also work well in the Red Light District as police and security monitor the area and it's prohibited to take photos of the working girls!

Anyway, after what probably feels like an eternity, the vehicle stops and he'll be led into the police station, which will finally be revealed to be one of the best strip clubs in the city and he's punishment will begin.

The stag will, of course, then enjoy a very sexy striptease as his punishment for being such a 'bad boy'!

During the stag's arrest adventure, generally, the rest of the group along with the guide will make their own way to the strip club.

And, that my friends is how to organise the ultimate prank for your mate's final hurrah in Amsterdam!

So, why choose the Stag Arrest for your mate's stag do in Amsterdam?:

Well firstly, as we already said, it wouldn't be a proper Amsterdam stag do without at least one good stag stitch up.

Secondly, Amsterdam is known as the world's most opened-minded city with a relaxed attitude to the more risqué activities, drugs, alcohol and pretty much everything, It's a city where anything can happen, nothing is out of the question and it's an absolute stag haven.

Which is exactly why this fake Stag Arrest will go down perfectly. You groom would be heading into his stag weekend think anything is possible in Amsterdam, it a relaxed city and he can bend the rules. But then he gets arrested...it's seriously perfect! 

So, if you and the stag are the fun-loving, prank-pulling and joking type this fake Stag Arrest activity will be right up your alley!

And how do you pull off the perfect stag arrest:

Like taking candy from a baby! 

Beforehand the stag weekend goes down in history as one of the best and you pull off the Stag Arrest, it's necessary to determine two things. First, the predetermined place of the Stag Arrest and the reason for it. The reason for the arrest cab vary from noise complaints, being too drunk, offensive behaviour or the preferred and easiest reason being an issue with his ID or Passport.

You have two options when it comes to pulling off the Stag Arrest with the reason being an issue with the stag's ID or Passport:

You will have taken the stag's ID without him noticing and he will not have his papers on him, which will cause his "arrest" and transfer to the police station to verify his identity.

Of course, for this to work you need to be able to get his ID. Generally, telling the stag he can't pay for his drinks and confiscating his wallet works well for this.

As the Fake Arrest is generally booked with one of our bar crawl option, your English-speaking guide will meet you at your accommodation or at the place where you are (restaurant or other) to take you to the first stop of your bar crawl.

Get the drinks flowing, enjoy the atmosphere and get into the swing of things. Try and aid the stag's drink more than your own and get him a little on the tipsy side.

You and the lads will need to keep it together when the police arrive, no violence but put on your best acting hat and work up the worry and frustration as the fake police, who are trained actors, call out the problems with the stag's papers and begin to drag him away.

Don't go overboard but also don't under do it by laughing or cheering, you want to give the stag a scare, stress him out a little and make him worried he's getting arrested for something he doesn't understand.

Of course, it all ends when the blindfold comes off and the police station he was expected to be taken to turns out to be a strip club and his punishment is very sext stripper!

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Amsterdam, this Stag Arrest activity or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.

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