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Sexy Wake-Up for my Amsterdam Stag Do


  • Gorgeous stripper
  • Available at your accommodation
  • Strip show
  • Only able to be booked in an apartment or hostel, the Sexy Wake-Up can't be booked in a Hostel! 

Sexy Wake-Up in Amsterdam : Information

The Sexy Wake-Up!

It's the only way to get the stag out of bed during the stag do in Amsterdam.

The Sexy Alarm Clock,  Immodest Maid, the best Wake-up Call...

Call it what you want, either way, this is one early wake-up call the stag will have no trouble rising for. 

So, exactly what is the Sexy Wake-Up?:

Well, we'll give your stag a reason to get out of bed! With the sound of "housekeeping".

The concept is fairly simple but the outcome is jaw-dropping. A gorgeous stripper, disguised as a maid, will ensure your stag gets up on the right side of the bed with a strip show like no other.

Because we haven't quite figured out how to teleport the stripper into the stag's room, a little bit planning and a fair bit of secrecy are needed to pull off the ultimate Sexy Wake-Up during the Amsterdam Stag Do.

One of the members of the group, generally the organiser, will need to let the stripper into the stag's room while he's sleeping. Of course, this means you'll need to be able to wake-up with a standard alarm clock. Boring we know, but don't worry you'll still get to enjoy the striptease so it's worth it! 

Disguised as a sexy maid, the stripper will knock loudly before letting herself in while the stag is sleeping.  And, as we said, there is no missing out for you or the rest of the stag party, you'll all be able to come into the room too.

While she may be dressed as a maid, Maximise does not guarantee a cleaner room after she leaves.

Trust us, nothing gets you up in the morning like a striptease!

Why Book the Sexy Wake-Up

Some things are just mandatory when it comes to a stag weekend. Your mates, plenty of booze and at least one stripper!

As well, as a legendary stag destination. You've got the mates, and you've chosen Amsterdam and it doesn't get much better than that. As for booze, we have no doubts you'll figure that one out. Now for the stripper... 

While the strip club is the obvious choice, imagine the surprise on the stag's face when a sexy maid burst into his room, but instead of removing the dust, she removes her clothes step by step.

While being woken up early is never ideal, especially if you had a big night before or are suffering from a hangover, or both, this is one early wake-up call the stag is guaranteed to love during his stag weekend in Budapest!

Who needs coffee, when you've got a Sexy Wake-Up...


If you and the lads really aren't early risers but don't want to miss out on any stripper action during the stag do in Amsterdam, Maximise can arrange a stripper for another time and with a number of our other stag weekend activities.

You can get the party started from the moment you leave the airport with our Limo or Hummer Transfers that come with a sexy stripper. And, you can add an extra element of surprise by having your stripper pose as a Sexy Hitchhiker.

While you're usually warned against picking up hitchhikers from the side of the road, especially in a foreign country, this is one hitchhiker you'll be glad your driver pulled over for.

If one stripper is not enough, you can enjoy two sexy strippers get down and dirty with Oil Wrestling. Generally, the stag is dragged into the final match, so he needs to be up for getting down and dirty himself - however, the venue will have a shower for him to use after the 'fight' so he'll be able to clean up afterwards.

But, if you really want some serious stripper action. Considering you are in Amsterdam, you can head to the Red Light District with our guided tour that will see the stag enjoy a lap dance or go all out and head to a Live Sex Show. While sitting back in a comfortable red velvet chair and enjoying a drink, you and the lads will be entertained by a great variety of erotic shows performed by talented international artists who perform alone or with a partner!

With a blend of music, art, comedy and audience participation, this club is amazing. Live Sex Shows are performed non-stop. When you think you have seen it all, another erotic trick might just be explored right in front of you. 

And, then there are all the Booze Cruises or Canal Cruises that come with unlimited drinks and a sexy stripper.

Basically, the options for a stripper are endless when it comes to a stag do in Amsterdam.

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Amsterdam, this Sexy Wake-Up activity, any of the other activities we've mentioned, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.

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