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Fluro Bubble Football for your Budapest Stag Do


  • Special field with UV lights
  • UV clothes and paint provided 
  • 2 teams with different UV colours
  • Bubbles
  • Paint is added to the skin of the body making the game even more spectacular
  • Paint comes off with water easily
  • Play in the dark
  • Instructor
  • 1-hour field hire 
  • Return transfers 
  • Free round of beer
  • Bubbly Guide
  • 8 players can play at a time
  • For larger groups, we will allocate more time with 25 minutes of play for every 8 people

Fluro Bubble Football in Budapest : Information

Just when we thought Bubble Football couldn't get any better, it went and got fluro!!

This Fluro Bubble Football activity is guaranteed to be a great addition to the stag do in Budapest. 

In what's already a hilarious stag do activity, Fluro Bubble Football adds another fun twist to the game. 

Playing on an indoor field that's completely pitch-black, you'll be using special UV lights, clothes and paint to see the ball, each other and the goals. A little wacky, completely fun and totally unique to Budapest.

 Just like regular Bubble Football, you'll have your torso and arms encased in a giant zorb as you try and shoot goals against your opponents. To help see in the pitch-black field, you'll be given special UV clothes and cover your bodies in UV paint. The goals have UV markers and the ball also lights up under the UV lights.  

There are locker rooms and showers on site, just remember to bring a towel if you want to wash afterwards, otherwise, the paint will easily come off with water and hand soap. 

15 people
2 Nights


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