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Granny Show in Budapest


  • Granny stripper
  • Available at your accommodation
  • Strip show
  • Not available in hostel accommodation 

Granny Show in Budapest : Information

No stag do is complete without a good stitch up...

Especially when it comes to the wild party-crazy city of Budapest. A city that's famed for great wild nightlife and even wilder women!

So there is no better stag stitch up than with the stripper. Every stag expects a gorgeous stripper, it's a right of passage, it's mandatory...

But, it's so great when you see the look on the stag's face after he realises the beautiful young stripper he was expecting is not so young and a not so beautiful but a Granny Show instead.


In case of unavailability, the Granny can be replaced by a Stripper XXL.

15 people
2 Nights


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