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6 of the best Summer Stag Do locations

Not sure where to head for your stag do? Let us give you a hand.

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Planning an entire stag do can be stressful, especially when trying to organise activities in a different country. So don't stress about things you don't have to, use Maximise instead!

A summer stag do is just about as epic as it sounds. We have so many great locations for a getaway it's hard to choose just 6 of the best. We'll give it our best go though, so here are some of our top stag do destinations for June, July and August.


Barcelona stag do, Barcelona stag do ideas, Barcelona stag do activities, Barcelona stag party

The King of the summer stag do, Barcelona is a top location offering almost everything you can think of. Average summer temperatures are around 28° and even the 'cold' days are over 20°. You can get flights so cheaply. If you check early enough in advance you can get return flights for less than £50.

Barcelona has tonnes of epic activities in the day, as well as some of the best nightlife in Europe, making it a perfect destination for a summer stag do.

Top stag do activities: Hoverboard and BBQ Party Boat

Plan your Barcelona stag do!


Bournemouth stag do ideas, Bournemouth stag do activities, Bournemouth stag do, Bournemouth stag party, Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth has been serving up stag do madness for years, it's one of our favourite locations. Hilarious day time activities, top nightlife and a pretty banging beach are just a few reasons to consider heading to the south coast.

You won't have to spend any money on flights, just be aware the accommodation can be a tad pricey in the summer. 

Top stag do activities: Afternoon Party Boat and Beach Sports

Plan your Bournemouth stag do!


Benidorm stag do ideas, Benidorm stag do, Benidorm stag do activities, benidorm stag party

A well trodden path taken by many stag parties in the past, Benidorm is a guaranteed winner. You'll need to fly to Alicante, and return flights are available for around £70 or less.

Benidorm is a playground for stags and perfect for those of you who want unforgettable nights out. There is no shame at all, you can do almost anything and no one even bats an eyelid! 

It isn't just the incredible nightlife though, Benidorm offers all different kinds of daytime activities too.

Top stag do activities: Beachfront Party and Rooftop Jacuzzi Package

Plan your Benidorm stag do!


Bristol stag do, stag do ideas in Bristol, stag do activities in Bristol, stag party Bristol

Alright my luvver? The West Country might not be the first place you think of heading on a summer stag do, most of us would prefer a trip abroad. But with beer gardens galore, locally brewed beer and a stunning coastline – it should be. 

All the fun of London without the Londoners, Bristol is a fine stag do location.

Top stag do activities: West Country Games and Totally Wiped Out

Plan your Bristol stag do!


Lisbon stag do ideas, Lisbon stag do, Lisbon stag do activities, Lisbon stag party

Boats, babes and big nights out await you on your Lisbon stag do. If there was one city that screams summer stag party, it has to be Lisbon. With average summer temperatures around 28°, you know you've made the right choice. There are plenty of boat parties, seaside restaurants and incredible nightlife, ideal for stag parties.

The flights are pretty cheap too. If you book early enough in advance you can get return flights for £60-70 each!

Top stag do activities: Private Catamaran Cruise & Strip and the Boat Party

Plan your Lisbon stag do!


Cardiff stag do, stag do ideas in Cardiff, stag do activities in Cardiff, Cardiff stag party

Similar to Bristol, it may not be your first choice but Cardiff is a great location for a summer stag party. First of all you're right by the coast, so there is a fantastic choice of epic stag do activities available to you. Also, the Welsh capital is well known for having a great nightlife scene and loads of hen parties looking to mingle.

Obviously you'll have to do your best to miss out on that typical English weather, but with a little luck you're in for a top class time in Cardiff.

Top stag do activities: Welsh Games and Coasteering

Plan your Cardiff stag do!

Just missed out...

With so many fantastic destinations, it's hard for us to choose just the top 6. Some of the best UK locations to miss out are Newquay, Manchester and Newcastle.

We have over 50 abroad destinations, so choosing 3 was near on impossible! Some of our favourites not to make the top 3 are Bucharest, Budapest, Split, Ibiza and Valencia.

If you're still unsure and looking for ideas, just hit the 'Plan my stag do!' button below to submit a basic enquiry. We'll send you over a quote, free of charge, within just a few hours!

Alternatively, give us a call on 0208 236 0111 or check out the homepage.

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