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Vilnius Stag Do

This formally forgotten territory of the Soviet Union is making sure it's being seen loud and clear!

In recent years Lithuania and its capital city, Vilnius, have emerged as a top tourist hotspot and that's no exception for our stag dos.

The beautiful capital boasts an abundance of architectural landmarks, cultural venues, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs and more that will provide the endless entertainment you are looking for on your stag do.

While Vilnius serves up an impressive combination of history and culture, the city is best known for its serious after-dark activity. The stag do nightlife is truly unique, with bars and pubs serving mainly local beers from Lithuania, the vast majority of which aren't found anywhere else in the world, nor are the beautiful women.

During the day there is stag do activities on steroids including firearm shooting, hot air balloon rides, tank driving and more. Whether you find yourself in Vilnius during summer or winter, the city won't disappoint your stag do. 

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