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Karting for my Edinburgh Stag Do


  • Overalls, gloves and helmets
  • 350m state of the art track
  • 200cc Rimo Evo 5 Karts
  • Grand Prix style racing
  • Computerised lap timing
  • Safety Briefing
  • All customers are required to purchase a balaclava on site, they're £1.50 each
  • Recommended max height of 6'4 and weight of 18 stone
  • Activity is priced on a minimum of 8 participants

Karting in Edinburgh : Information

Have that need for speed that only Karting can give you? Lucky you're at the finest track in Edinburgh then!

Karting allows you to do all the things you just can't do in a normal car. OK, so it can't go as fast but that really doesn't matter as when you're sitting in a kart, inches off the ground, 40 mph feels like 80! The fast laps take around 32 seconds to complete and you'll be doing plenty of them in the Grand Prix format.

Let's face it, the fear of humiliation and constant ribbing from the boys for the duration of the weekend, if you are last, is enough to make anyone drive like their life depends on it. Excuses like, I got the slowest kart, the steering on mine is defective, or I got stuck behind a slow kart, won't cut it here. So why not make it interesting? Wager a few pints on it...

15 people
2 Nights


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