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Indoor Airsoft for my Manchester Stag Do


  • Full firearm training
  • Realistic and exhilarating missions
  • Includes one magazine of BBs
  • All safety training and gear included
  • Bring some sturdy footwear, as no trainers are allowed on the course!
  • Extra BBs are available to buy on-site

Indoor Airsoft in Manchester : Information

Looking for some intense, heart-racing combat action for your mate's stag do?

Leave the paint and outside battlefield for another day, it's time to head inside for some close-combat on your Manchester stag do with this Indoor Airsoft activity.

We'll get you and the lads a half-day of incredible action where you get to shoot your mates with plastic pellets and replica weaponry!

The layout of this airsoft site is designed to be challenging to any level of player, but is equipped to supply beginners and advanced players with an epic experience as well!

There are loads of sharp corners on this site, so you'll need eyes in the back of your head and solid aim. 

15 people
2 Nights


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