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Counter-Strike Airsoft for your Prague Stag Do


  • Exclusive indoor venue
  • 2 hours of battles
  • Thrilling scenarios from the Counter-Strike game
  • All equipment including replicas AK-47s
  • Instructor
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • A local guide to accompany you
  • Minimum of 8 people

Counter-Strike Airsoft in Prague : Information

Based on one of the most popular video gamer series, Counter-Strike Airsoft gets you out from behind the computer screen and on to the battlefield. 

Minus explosives, real weapons and an actual threat to human life, almost everything in the Counter-Strike game has been recreated in this Counter-Strike Airsoft. If you like paintball, this is in a league of its own and perfect for a stag do in Prague, especially if you're heading there in winder and want to do something indoors.

With replica weapons, including a Colt M4A1or AK47, you and the lads will split into teams before battling it out on the Counter-Strike battlefield. For obvious reasons, you're either going to be terrorists or a counter-terrorists.

You've got two hours to complete the mission, overthrow the terrorist and Counter-Strike. Alternatively, the 'terrorists' have two hours to wreak havoc and inflict pain on anyone who gets in their way.

If you're a bunch of gamers, enjoy paintball or just feel like shooting rubber pellets at your mates, this stag o activity is for you. 

15 people
2 Nights


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