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Jelly Wrestling for my Prague Stag Do


  • Centrally located venue
  • Two sexy 'wrestlers'
  • Stag joins in
  • Bar on site
  • Unlimited beer for stag
  • 1 drink each for the rest of the group
  • English speaking guide
  • Generally for the time slot of 7 pm to 8

Jelly Wrestling in Prague : Information

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The two most important prenuptial celebration essentials would undoubtedly have to be stag weekends and sexy women. 

But, if you were to combine those women with some jelly and get them grappling one another in a tiny pool with no clothes, you would be well on your way to a legendary stag do

Treat your mate to some Jelly Wrestling during his stag do in Prague, trust us, he won't be disappointed even when he gets pulled into the fight! 


While some people like to eat their dessert, we like to see sexy girls get down and dirty and fight in it instead...

Sexy Jelly Wrestling is one of the most straightforward activities you can imagine. The name says it all - it's about wrestling in an arena full of sweet Jelly!

And, when it comes to Jelly Wrestling on a stag do, it involves two beautiful girls on their hands and knees and fighting in the jelly for your entertainment.

You and the lads will have the entire bar to yourselves as two sexy girls get down on all fours in a pool of jelly - it doesn't get much better or much more stag-worthy than that!

Of course, being a spectator of such an 'intense' and sexy battle is tiring work, so Maximise will sort the stag out with unlimited beer and the rest of the group will be able to purchase more if they desire.

Even better than naked girls fighting down on their hands and knees is when the stag is dragged into the pit during the final round. Watch him get down, dirty, unclothed and destroyed by the girls for the ultimate stag humiliation and satisfaction.

Trust us, all the lads will enjoy this stag weekend activity - regardless of what flavour of jelly they prefer they will well and truly be satisfied with what is served up in Prague! 


Did we mention the two H.O.T, hottttt, Czech hotties that will be down on the hands in knees, dirty and covered in jelly as they fight it out to be the stag's champion?

Because that's one reason why Jelly Wrestling is an absolute great activity for a stag party in Prague. Total lad satisfaction requiring little effort, but oh so memorable!

Seriously even if you think you're too old to enjoy jelly, you'll love how jelly is served up in Prague! 

And of course, no stag weekend would be complete without at least one good stitch up and we think seeing the stag dragged into the ring is as good as it gets.

Of course, this is far from a real fight and the stag won't actually be harmed during this sexy wrestling match. He might be a little humiliated though and he shouldn't expect to keep all his clothes on, the two sexy girls will make sure they disappear quickly.

With that in mind, you probably want to warn the stag do avoid wearing his Sunday best and take a change of clothes for him. He'll be able to clean up after that match. 

Jelly Wrestling is great for groups looking for something different and more exciting than a traditions trip to a strip club (don't worry, Maximise can organise that too) but still wants to see beautiful girls putting on an absolute show for your viewing pleasure!

Trust us, jelly has never tasted as good as it does when it's being licked of a Czech stunner!


"Best weekend we've been on - and this is the first time I used Maximise and definitely the best company I have used. Some other companies claim to be the best but from personal experience, none come close to Maximise! Reps in Prague were fantastic and everything ran smoothly from the moment they met us at the airport to the time they returned us to the airport. Highly recommend Prague and this company," Greg T.

"Prague was amazing - my first time...but not my last...and I would definitely use Maximise next time! The place we stayed in was perfect for us lads and close to two great nights out. If you going on a stag then this is quality," Ian D.

"Seriously good weekend! Best decision we made was to book with Maximise - brilliant from start to finish. Louise was so good throughout and the team in Prague were perfect and made sure everything ran like clockwork... Apartments were close to the square and much better than I thought they were going the to be! Thanks again - will definitely use Maximise again,"  Jamie D.

"When I booked the stag weekend to Prague, Maximise were great and Louise was really helpful. She answered any questions same day dealt with any changes straight away without any fuss...I would highly recommend Maximise and Prague," Ali S.

"It's quite daunting doing a stag do for loads of mates but Maximise were top class. Louise was brilliant to deal with and set it up so all the guys could pay online. It was really easy. The weekend was great value for money and what we got was much better than I expected. The Maximise team in Prague were a great help and I will definitely tell all my friends to book with these guys," Liam G.


It's important to know Jelly Wrestling is an erotic show and not a real-life fighting match, so none of the participants gets injured, but you also need to be at least 18-years-old to see this sexy battle.

While no one is injured, trust us, two sexy strippers are more than enough to knock over the stag and slide their dirty bodies up and down and all over him while the rest of the stag party get to watch on!

For some reason watching two sexy strippers battle in a pool of sticky and sweet jelly is one of our top stag party activities in Prague, but if you wanted to 'double' the action you can have an Extra Extra Large Stripper join the fight in the final round instead of the two slim beauties!

Enjoy watching two sexy ladies, knee dip in jelly, battle it out to be the stag's champion. Then, enjoy watching the stag get dragged into the ring, only for those sexy girls to disappear and be replaced by an XXL beauty!

If you're still undecided or unsure and want some more information about a stag do in Prague, this Jelly Wrestling Activity, upgrading to the XXL Stripper or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas. 

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