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Rabid Dog Chase for my Prague Stag Do


  • Trained K-9 German Shepherd and handler
  • Protective gear for the stag 
  • Return activity transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • 1-hour activity 
  • Souvenir photo  


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Rabid Dog Chase in Prague : Information

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For those who want to get truly barking mad on their stag do in Prague.

Got a groom who thinks he's fearless? Get him to try our dog chase activity! 

Rabid Dog Chase is one of the most exciting and terrifying things you can put the stag through during his stag do in Prague.

The rest of the stag party can stand back and watch the show as the stag gets baited by a trained K-9 dog, who will hunt the stag down... and latch on.

What is the Rabid Dog Chase:

Trust us, this is one stag party activity the stag is guaranteed not to forget. An experience of a lifetime and also slightly terrifying, making it perfect for a stag weekend.

The groom-to-be will be running for his life as a specially trained K-9 German Shepherd is released and set upon him. Trained to take people out and latch on until the victim gives in or the trainer gives the command to release, this is one event you're going to want to record and see again!

Don't worry if you miss the action shot, the Maximise will sort you out with a great souvenir photo to take home.

With an adult male German Shepard weighing up to 88 pounds with an average bite strength of about 269 pounds of pressure, this is no small pooch and he's guaranteed to pack a punch.

As we mentioned,  the German Shepard is trained to knock people down and latch on with its razor sharp teeth, but luckily the stag will be suited up from head to toe in a specifically designed protective suite. But, maybe tell the stag to take a change of underwear though, you know for just in case. 

The dog is also well trained and responds to his trainer. So, the stag is in no serious danger, he can expect to feel a little battered and bruises, but nothing more than an intense paintball session.

In all seriousness, we assure you this activity does not present any real risks or danger. The groom is very well protected in a special outfit that extends from head to toe and resists the dog's intense bites. In addition to this, his new four-legged friend is perfectly trained, so there is really no danger whatsoever for the stag or the dog. The stag will be perfectly fine and ready to take on Prague's nightlife after taking on this activity too.

The activity lasts long enough to allow the stag to do several runs if his heart desires... or if the rest of the stag party force him to. 

Who should book the Rapid Dog Chase activity for a Stag Do in Prague:

Ok so maybe this adrenaline-pumping and slightly crazy stag party activity is not for everyone...

If you and the lads love a laugh and your groom-to-be enjoys a challenge and can handle a bit of humility and a lot of running, this activity will be an absolute epic and memorable addition to the Prague stag weekend. 

Lying somewhere between a legendary prank and a bit of hazing or rite of passage before the stag enters the world of holy matrimony, Rapid Dog Chase is a once-in-a-lifetime crazy activity that is perfect for a stag do!

Alright maybe rapid Dog Chase is not perfect for every stag do, maybe it's not ideal of you genuine fear of dogs or if he hasn't got the best sense of humour, hates running or has asthma, but other than that, Rapid Dog Chase is a top pick for a stag party in Prague.

Don't worry if this Rapid Dog Chase isn't right for your mate and his stag weekend, Maximise offers a number of great other activities that you can enjoy including AK-47 & Shotgun Shooting, Beer Bikes, Car Smash, Paintball and Karting.

What to do after the Rapid Dog Chase:

There are three ways to go about this; continue the teasing and pranking, opt for a more relaxed vibe and treat the stag or continue the action, adrenaline and once in a lifetime experiences.

If you want to continue on the action route and enjoy more adrenaline-pumping activities, nothing beats getting your hands on some serious weaponry with our AK-47 Shooting Package or sticking to the paint with our Unlimited Paintball Package, which comes with unlimited paintballs during a 2-hour game and unlimited beer for an hour afterwards. 

And, if you want to stick to the once-in-a-lifetime experiences then you need to get the stag behind the gears of a former military tank in our Tank Driving activity. Either that or go Bungee Jumping. 

If you're not done pranking the stag, neither or we, we've still got some tricks up our sleeves including a Rolly Polly Stripper and the ultimate boxing prank.

The boxing prank involves your stag party heading to a mystery activity - a mystery for the stag - the rest of you will be in on the secret!

The stag will be blindfolded, changed into boxing gear and shown to the ring. When he removes his blindfolded he'll find himself staring down a beastly professional Czech heavyweight boxer, with a ref to keep things clean.

You can up the seriousness and organise a Fake Arrest, which will see the stag thrown in a 'Police Vehicle' and taken away, but not to the police station, he'll end up at the strip club. A great prank and a top pick for a stag do in Prague.

However, if you're done with all the action, adventure and pranks and just want to treat the stag then we can do that too. And, a relaxing River Cruise with UNLIMITED DRINKS and a normal-size sexy stripper is a great way to treat the stag. Ok, so technically if you wanted to half treat and half tease the stag during this river cruise, we could arrange that too. Build up his stripper expectations only to watch the look on his face after the sexy stripper he was expecting turns out to be an XXL Beauty instead.

If the stag is in need of some extra relaxation after his Rapid Dog Chase experience, you can head to the Sexy Sauna where you'll have access to the spa's facilities, enjoy some champagne and a 15-minute striptease!

If you're undecided or still unsure and want some more information on Prague Stag Weekends, this rapid Dog Chase activity or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.

* Please note, the attached photos are of trainers with the dogs and do not show the full protective suit the stag we'll be wearing.

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