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Sexy Hitchhiker for your Prague Stag Do


  • Sexy Hitchhiker 
  • To be added to your airport transfers
  • 15-minute striptease 

Sexy Hitchhiker in Prague : Information

You're usually warned against picking up hitchhikers from the side of the road, but we cave in on the rules when it comes to a damsel in distress.

Especially on a stag do in Prague. And, especially when it comes to a Sexy Hitchhiker.

A great stag stitch up and an even better surprise, book this Sexy Hitchhiker with one of our airport transfers options. It's guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression of the stag weekend in Prague. 

Whether you are arriving in a party bus, limo, hummer or minibus, you'll be glad your driver stopped and pulled over for this stunner!


This option can also be organised with our airport transfers for either the return or arrival.

15 people
2 Nights


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