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Tank Driving for my Prague Stag Do


  • 30min driving for the stag only
  • The rest of the group will be passengers of the tank
  • Return activity transfers
  • English-speaking guide 
  • Local instructor 

Tank Driving in Prague : Information

Get inside a real BMP-1 tank during your mate's stag do in Prague!

Prague is full of crazy opportunities and lax laws, but driving a tank would have to top the list and is perfect for a stag do.

See what it feels like to be inside one of these monsters that don't let anything get in their way! 


After a demonstration round with a former military man, the groom-to-be will get the chance to get behind the wheel of a BMP-1 tank and take it for a spin.

If regular driving activities don't cut it for you or the stag, this Tank Driving activity will be everything you guys want and more.

This is not your ordinary driving experience and while we did say you'll get behind the wheel of this 13-ton armoured vehicle, you won't actually find a steering wheel in this tank. These former Soviet Union military vehicles use two steering levers to steer the vehicle instead.

Your instructor will assist you throughout the drive and teach you how to operate the dual lever system and how to manoeuvre the tank.


First built in the early 1960s, the BMP-1 stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty 1, which translates to infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), was the first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle of the Soviet Union and one of the most famous IFVs worldwide.

Combining high mobility, effective antitank firepower, some serious weaponry and armoured protection for its troops, the BMP-1 caused a stir with Western officials when it first appeared as there was no equivalent at the time.

The BMP-1 was produced, directly or indirectly until the 1980s to an extent of 20,000 vehicles and 64 countries had it (or still have it) in service.

Considered a formidable addition to the inventory of Soviet motorized rifle units at the time of its inception, the BMP-1carries a 73mm 2A20 gun, which has a maximum of 40 rounds and a range of over 7,000 ft.

In addition to this, the tank fires a rocket-assisted fin- stabilized HEAT projectile with a range of 2,625ft. 


Unless the stag is a military man, there are not too many other opportunities in life where he'll get the chance to drive a tank.

So, don't let him miss out on this amazing opportunity to take control of a mammoth war machine during his stag do in Prague.

The tank enthusiast and military instructor will give you the safety instructions and will coach you throughout your driving session. 

This is one activity that is unique and guaranteed to give you and the lads a ton of great memories, you'll probably still be talking about it by the time the silver wedding anniversary rolls around. 


Don't let the fun, action and adventure end there.

Keep the adrenaline-pumping action and military-themed activities going with our AK-47 & Shotgun Shooting Package, which will see you armed with a Glock, Revolver, UZI, AK-47 a Shotgun and 41 bullets to get trigger happy with.

Both the tank driving activity and the shooting packages require a little concentration and for you not to be intoxicated, so make up for the sobriety afterwards with the famed Beer Bike or a River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks and enjoy some sexy onboard entertainment with one of Budapest's best strippers.

Then line the stomachs for the night ahead with dinner at the world-famous Hooters restaurant, where you'll recieve two beers each with your meal.

Keep the unlimited drinks flowing with our Crazy Night Package, which includes an English-speaking guide, bar crawl, strip club entry, unlimited drinks for one hour and entry to one of the city's best clubs!


Driving a tank requires a fair bit of room and open space, which is why this activity is about 1 hour from Prague' city centre. Don't worry you won't need to figure out public transport or get a Taxi, Maximise will sort you out with private transfers.

The driver will pick you up at your accommodation or city depending on what best suits your schedule. You will have your English-speaking guide with you for the duration of the trip and activity.

Although it's a bit of a letdown, we want to be straight with you,  and the truth is these tanks are not armed and do not fire shells, missiles, rockets or anything else. It's best to avoid any potential for an accident or incident where possible...or another war for that matter.

An army instructor will be present to give you the safety instructions and will supervise you throughout the activity. When it comes to driving the tank, only the stag will take the gears and handle this mammoth vehicle while the rest of the lads can be passengers onboard. 

The tank can vary depending on your group size but generally, it will be the BMP-1.

For the return trip, the driver will drop you off at the place of your next activity or at your accommodation according to schedule.

Fortunately, Tank Driving is not just limited to Prague, you'll also find great Tank Driving activities in Budapest, Nottingham, Leeds has a Mini Tank Battle and Warsaw offer both a tank ride and a tank driving experience. 

If you're undecided or still unsure and want some more information on Prague Stag Weekends, this Tank Driving activity or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.

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