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Beerboat for my Budapest Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends


  • 1.5 hours of “rafting” down the Danube River through the city centre
  • Briefing on the rules of the Beerboat
  • 1 or 2 boats depending on your group size
  • Maximum of 19 people with two boats or 10 in one boat
  • You will each get a beer helmet and 2 cans of beer and a bottle of water
  • There is a minimum of 6 people per boat
  • Life jacket, paddles and a waterproof bag for keeping your values dry are also provided
  • A tour guide who'll give you information on all the sights
  • Transfers can be included for an additional fee, otherwise, you will need to arrange a taxi to the starting point in North-Buda
  • You can also enjoy this activity after sunset, however prices may vary

Beerboat in Budapest : Information

Cruise down the Danube River on a Beerboat during your stag do in Budapest.

One of our newest activities on the market and one we are sure will be a hit, the Beerboat will allow you and the lads to take in some of Budapest's most famed sights in a fun and exciting way.

Walking tours are generally not high on the stag party agenda, so see the sights as you cruise down the Danube with a beer helmet that's filled with some beers. This is an activity made for stag parties!

What is the Beerboat activity:

Experience Budapest’s most beautiful view from the Danube, but not on a regular cruise!

Get into the water with a Beerboat. With the help of a guide, you and the lads will row through the heart of Budapest and while the guides will serve up a lot of interesting facts about Budapest, its sights, the buildings, the bridges and of course about the Danube, the best thing they serve up is the BEER!

Because no stag do and no stag party activity in Budapest could be complete without beer, during this Beerboat tour, everyone will get kitted-out with a beer helmet and two ice-cold Hungarian beers.

Don't worry about needed your hands to drink them, you'll have your beer helmets for that!

You and the lads will meet the guides and board the Beerboat at the meeting point in North-Buda, transport can be arranged for an additional fee, otherwise, you can make your own way there.

After a quick briefing on the dos and don'ts of the Beerboat, you'll climb aboard and paddle down the Danube River through the city centre. You'll have 90-minutes onboard the Beerboat and your guides will point out all the famed sights as well as give you plenty of fun facts and information about them!

Why book the Beerboat for your Budapest Stag Do

Like us, if you are sick of doing the same stag party activities, you should jump at the chance to try something new and that's exactly what this Beerboat tour is.

Since the Beer Bike was booted from Budapest's city centre due to safety issues, Maximise has waited for another great beer-fuelled activity to take over the ranks as Budapest's top stag part activity and we're pretty sure this Beerboat will do just that.

More importantly, this Beerboat gives you and the lads to enjoy the beautiful city of Budapest from a different perspective and catch some of the best sights without compromising any beer time. And beer is not something that can be compromised during a stag do!

What to do after the Beerboat activity during your Budapest Stag Do:

Budapest is a city where anything is possible and there is plenty to be enjoyed. From beautiful and sexy women to lax gun laws and everything in between, Budapest is one city where there is something for everyone.

while there will be no shortage of things to do after the Beerboat during your stag do, rather than keep things cruisy, Maximise recommends enjoying the more extreme side of Budapest with either Tank Driving, Car Smash, Man vs Dog or getting your hands on an AK47 with our Extreme Shooting Package


Just because it's a stag do, doesn't mean you don't have to be sun smart, so bring with your sunglasses, some sunblock, a hat and shoes that can get wet.

While this is a stag party and the Beerboat is a fun activity, there are still a few rules, not many, just some. Basically, you need to be sober before climbing on board the Beerboat and you absolutely cannot litter during the cruise. Of course, you also need to behave, so don't hit each other with paddles or try and throw anybody overboard and you should be ok.

In case of bad weather, we need to reserve the right to change the activity to something else with the consent of you and without any refund. 

15 people
2 Nights


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