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Tandem Sky Dive for my Budapest Stag Do


  • Tandem Sky Dive for the stag
  • Safety equipment
  • A certified instructor
  • English-speaking guide
  • Photos of the jump can be purchased on the spot
  • One beer each at the end of the jump
  • Return activity transfers
  • The venue is located about 70km from the city centre
  • Bubbly guide
  • An additional fee of €35 for heavy people (men over 100kg)

Tandem Sky Dive in Budapest : Information

For the ultimate stag do stitch-up or for the ultimate thrill-seeking stag party activity, throw the stag out of a plane during his stag do in Budapest!

How could you make a stag do more memorable than with a 4000m tandem parachute jump?

This adrenaline-fuelled tandem jump will have the stag free falling through the air reaching speeds of over 100mph.  

The instructor opens the parachute at 1500 m from the ground which leaves about 5 minutes to enjoy the scenery.


Tandem Sky Dive activity is for the stag only. Please speak to our team if you are looking for a group activity.

15 people
2 Nights


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