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The reasons why we love The Baltics!

Check out these stag do destinations that will take your breath away in the Baltic States.

We have a few great reasons why we love the Baltics and why it's the most perfect and picturesque stag do destination goring around. If you're sick of the usual stag do haunts, it's time to take a look at The Baltics

Picturesque surroundings, beautiful beaches, an unbeatable nightlife and countries oozing with history and charm is just a fraction of what's on offer for a stag do in the Baltics.

Yes, we love the Baltics!

The Baltic Sea rolls its ice-blue waters on the shores of several countries in Central and Northern Europe but our love is devoted to just three for a stag do destination!

Why we love Tallinn for a stag do

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Historic churches, cobblestone streets, palaces, museums and galleries, Tallinn is a capital city packed full or history, culture and sightseeing for your stag do.

Don't worry, there's more than just history and pretty things to feast your eyes on in Tallinn, especially for a stag weekend!

While Tallinn might strike you as a quaint-worldly destination for your stag do, we can tell you first-hand it certainly knows how to party.

Fun Fact: And by fun we mean fantastic. More women than men live in Tallinn.

Need more convincing that Tallinn is a great stag weekend destination...

More supermodels are from Estonia than anywhere else in the world. While you lot might not have any chances with them, it's still a solid reason to visit Estonia, especially Tallinn for a stag do.

Tallinn Nightlife...

Stag Do Tallinn, stag Do Estonia, Stad do destinations, The Baltics, stag do destinations the Baltics

Tallinn has been partying since the beginning of the thirteenth century when the Danish Vikings rolled in, who, we assume brought a hell of a lot of beer with them because Tallinn is renowned for cheap beer and its epic nightlife.

The best of Tallinn's nightlife is situated in the historic Old Town. For the size of the city, there are a surprisingly high number of bars, pubs, clubs and strip clubs, making it a seriously stag do friendly destination with loads on offer.

BUT, don't just end up in any bar or waste time trying to figure out where to go, experience Tallinn's nightlife in the best way with a Guided Bar Crawl & Club Combo.

No one knows the city or nightlife better than a local so discover the best bars and coolest clubs with this Guided Bar Crawl & Club Combo. Your English speaking guide will adapt the crawl to suit you and your budgets and she'll be at your disposal for three hours.

Stag Do Activties in Tallinn

Stag Do Tallinn, stag Do Estonia, Stad do destinations, The Baltics, stag do destinations the Baltics

During the day soak up the sun on Tallinn's beautiful beaches or take to the sea on a Stripper Yacht, Sailing Cruise, or Sea Kayak, the options are endless.

And whether it's an adrenaline-fuelled, hilarious, weird or whacky stag party activities you're after, Tallinn has a fantastic range of activities at equally fantastic prices.

If your heading on our stag do in Tallinn during the winter months, there's Snowmobiles, Husky Sledding, Ice Fishing or even Curling to keep you entertained.

And, if it's the classic suspects you're after, there is Karting, Golf, Paintball and Quad Bikes. Or, for the adrenaline-junk stag groups, there's even the insane Motor Paintball, Rally Car Experience, a Demolition Derby or a Military Experience.

Given Tallinn has more than 800 years of history, it's no surprise it is full to the brim with interesting sights, attractions, monuments and museums. And, while we are a fan of the Kiek in de Kök Fortification Museum, the Bastion passages, St Olaf's Church and everything else, we are far more a fan of the cheap beer...

You can feast like a king when it comes to a stag do in Tallinn, a top-notch meal won't set you back more than £15 and a pint is less than £2. So, be sure to drink and eat your weight in Tallinn's finest during your stag weekend.

We say yes to a Stag Do in Riga

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The capital of Latvia, Riga, boasts the perfect mix of old and new. It's a city where you can find everything you need and more for your stag do, regardless of the time of year.

The Old Town of Riga boasts a web of narrow streets, tall historic buildings and Art Nouveau architecture. A great way to see all these wonderful sights, without having to leave the pub, is on the back of a guided beer bike.

Set on the Baltic Sea, Riga is charming while also being vibrant and affordable. It's the perfect mix of old and new, but it's also a city that's consistently amazing all-year round. Rain, hail, sun or shine, a Riga stag do in guaranteed to be insanely wild, fun and memorable.

Along with all the charm, beaches, art nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town, Riga also offers a superb range of stag party activities. All the usual favourite offers are there including Bubble Football, Paintball, Karting and Quad Biking, but there are also some unusual suspects that you can only find in Riga including Bobsledding.

Throw in some epic nightlife for good measure and you've got yourself everything you need to have an unforgettable stag do.

Stag Do Activities in Riga

Stag Do Riga, Stag do ideas The Baltics, Stag Do destinations the Baltics, Riga stag do destination

During the summer months, you can hit the beach on your stag do. It's just outside the city centre and well worth a visit for the festival-style partying throughout July and August. There is also no shortage of stag do activities, our favourites are wakeboarding, water tube rides and a yacht charter with strippers to name a few.

While in the summer months you can bask in all the Baltic glory, in winter you'ill hit up one of the mountain regions and enjoy winter activities from snowmobile safari, bobsledding to skiing or snowboarding.

Riga Nightlife

Expect big nights and partying until the sun comes out shinning the following morning when it comes to a stag do in Riga.

And while Riga is far from a small city, the biggest and best concentration of bars and party hotspots can be found in the Old Town, which is home to a number of vibrant party areas including Livu Square. As it's compact and everything is within walking distance from each other, the Old Town is the ideal for bar hopping and our guided bar crawls.

While Riga is a haven for massive parties and even bigger clubs, the only way to find and enjoy the hottest watering holes is with a guided bar crawl with one of our beautiful local English speaking guides. Recommended for your first night out, our guided bar crawls guaranteed a top night out and will make sure you avoid any tourists traps or dive bars.

Stag Do Riga, Stag do ideas The Baltics, Stag Do destinations the Baltics, Riga stag do destination

More importantly, our bar crawls include entry to a top club as well as entry to one of the best strip clubs in Riga.

AND, this is something we need to talk about!

The strip clubs and all the beautiful babes in them...

First things first, Riga's sex industry is thriving!

Something that's absolutely worth mentioning when it comes to a stag do in Riga.

Maybe you're not into it, but if you are, you'll be happy to know, private lap dances and strippers won't set you back a fortune. In fact, they'll hardly put a dent in the beer drinking budget.

And, Riga certainly loves its ladies, whether you want to enjoy Dinner & a Striptease, head to the Strip Club or enjoy Limo Airport Transfers with a Stripper, there are Baltic babes to be enjoyed all throughout the day and night during your stag weekend in Riga.

While the Old Town is the go-to spot with an abundance of bars, pubs and pulsating nightclubs all next to each other. Miera and A.Briāna streets, as well as Andrejsala, will all sort you out with a top night out as well.

Whether it's laid back bars, watering holes with a view or mammoth clubs, prepare for madness, non-stop partying madness during your stag do in Riga!

Vilnius is another Baltic beauty ready for your stag do

This formally forgotten territory of the Soviet Union is making sure it's being seen loud and clear!

In recent years Lithuania and its capital city, Vilnius, have emerged as a top tourist hotspot and that's no exception for our stag parties.

The beautiful capital boasts an abundance of architectural landmarks, cultural venues, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs and more that will provide the endless entertainment you are looking for on your stag do.

Nightlife in Vilnius for a Stag Do

While Vilnius serves up an impressive combination of history and culture the city is best known for its serious after-dark activity. The stag do nightlife is truly unique, with bars and pubs serving mainly local beers from Lithuania, the vast majority of which aren't found anywhere else in the world, nor are the beautiful women.

Live music, cocktail bars, beer taverns to massive clubs and even gay bars, no matter what you are after, it is all on offer in Vilnius and the nightlife is among the best you can find in all the Baltics.

The two main areas that will be competing for your attention will be the Vokieciu street district and the Islandijos street district, which are within walking distance from each other, making this area ideal for a guided bar crawl.

Tamsta Club, Opium, Loftas, Pantera, Exit and Mojo Lounge are just a few of the top clubs that draw a healthy crowd night after night and never fail to impress the hoards of party revellers. From rock to electric and all the dancefloor anthems, there is a club and something for everyone’s taste when it comes to the nightlife in Vilnius. 

Stag Do Activities in Vilnius

There is a lot that is worth your attention when it comes to a stag weekend in Vilnius, especially when it comes to the amazing range of stag weekend activities. Seriously, this place has stag party activities on steroids!

But, we've narrowed the long list down to a few favourites.

Among the top stag party activities in Vilnius are Tank Driving, Beer Bike, AK 47 Shooting Package and a few of the classics including Paintball, Karting and Quad Bikes.

If it's winter, then a top activity would have to be a Snowmobile Ride and the VIP Sauna & Strip Party, which includes access to a spa, 15-minutes striptease and two beers each.

Whether you find yourself in Vilnius during summer or winter, the city won't disappoint your stag do. 

These underrated destinations across the Baltic Sea may well become the next Stag Do hot spot so get in early before the secrets out!

If you're in charge of making the next stag do one to remember then let us take the pressure off you - Maximise offers tailored Stag Parties in world-famous party destination.

For more stag do ideas, nightlife, accommodation and activities, head over the main page or give our sales team a call on 0208 236 0111