Budapest Stag Do

Budapest has shot up in the past few years to rival Prague as one of the most visited stag do destinations, with Eastern charms like cheap beer, beautiful women, lax gun laws, a crazy party scene and 123 thermal springs, it's not hard to see why Budapest is a top stag do contender.

Split into Buda and Pest districts by the river Danube, Buda is the scenic-historical side of the city while Pest is packed full of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and enough stag do activities to keep even the fussiest groom happy. 

Get on your bike with the ever-popular beer bike, escape Budapest in an extremely difficult escape room, or cruise down the Danube on a private river cruise complete with unlimited drink and strippers of all shapes and sizes.

Make sure you hit up some of the things only on offer in Budapest like the weird but wonderful ruin bars and the thermal springs, particularly in the evenings when they transform into water discos for an epic night out.

Some ideas for your Stag Do in Budapest

This is Budapest, there will be no doing things by half measures when it comes to a stag do. It is go big or bigger in this stag do city.

For the most out of your stag do enjoy the lax gun laws and get your hands on some serious firearms the ultimate stag do activities. Enjoy a 'relaxed' evening with a special pizza delivery before hitting up the nightlife is famed for.

On the second leg of the stag do start with a visit to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, then it is time to go to the extreme with tank driving and skydiving for the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

The nightlife in Budapest is out of this world, enjoy an all you can drink bar crawl, spa party and mud wrestling.

Our top activities for your stag do in Budapest

Budapest really does not do things by half measure, some of the top stag do activities include Essential Firearm Shooting, Private River Cruise Surprise Strip Ship, Car Smash, Monster Trucks, Extreme Helicopter Flight, Fighter Jet Flight, Quad Bikes and Gellert Thermal Baths.

Budapest is even more hectic at night with everything from strip poker, dinner with a lesbian show, VIP club entry, Night Spa, oil wrestling and a private club to a fake stag arrest and so much more.

More top Stag Do destinations

While Budapest is one of our top stag do destinations, it is right up there with Prague, Barcelona, Benidorm, Amsterdam and London. So if Budapest isn't for you check out our other top stag do destinations. 

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