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A Guide to Prague's Nightlife For Stag Dos

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Stag do nightlife is all about the three B’s, booze, babes and banter. All of these are in extremely high supply in Prague, so it’s no wonder that the Czech capital is one of our most popular stag destinations. The Czechs drink the most beer in the world, which means you and the lads will be in good company from the moment you land. On top of that, there are beautiful women everywhere you look and a red-light district, while Prague also has many of the best stag do bars in Europe thanks to its cheap and wild party scene. If a high octane weekend full of quality pubs and megaclubs is what you’re after, look no further.

When it’s time to start planning your first night out, you can’t go wrong with a guided bar crawl to introduce you to the city’s best nightlife. Take advantage of our Crazy Night Bar Crawl for the ultimate way to embrace everything Prague has to offer in one mad night, including nightclub and strip club entry as well as an hour of unlimited beer!


Another benefit of a Maximise bar crawl is that you won’t waste valuable drinking time in sub-par venues. After all, with more than 20 years of stag do expertise, we know where all the best spots are! And since we don’t want you having to stumble into any dodgy dives on the nights you decide to venture out alone, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to Prague’s nightlife for stag dos. With our expertise, you can look forward to a top weekend you’ll never forget.


Bar, pub, and club opening times

A city where beer is cheaper than water sounds like the stuff of stag do dreams, but guess what—this is the reality of Prague! It’s home to the cheapest pint in Europe, costing less than half the price of a beer in Berlin and over four times less than London’s price point. Use the figures below to estimate roughly how much you’ll need for a night out in Prague: You can normally head to one of the city’s many bars from mid to late afternoon. Expect these venues to stay open until the early hours, but bear in mind that this may depend on the day you visit—Wednesdays to Saturdays are likely to have the latest closing times. If you’re gearing up to dance until dawn, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s normal for Prague’s epic nightclubs to keep the party going until 6am! Clubs may start welcoming guests from 8-9pm, but we would suggest waiting for the dancefloor to fill up and arriving fashionably late a few hours after doors open.


Budget and cost

A city where beer is cheaper than water sounds like the stuff of stag do dreams, but guess what—this is the reality of Prague! It’s home to the cheapest pint in Europe, costing less than half the price of a beer in Berlin and over four times less than London’s price point. Use the figures below to estimate roughly how much you’ll need for a night out in Prague:

Pint of beer: £1.23
Metro, bus or tram ticket: £0.80
Glass of wine or shot of alcohol:£1.70-£2.70
Taxi: £1.30 + an additional £0.65 per kilometer
Club entry fee: £1.50-£7

Top-notch nightlife at rock bottom prices? As stag do destinations go, Prague is a total steal!


Dress Code

When it’s time to get spruced up and explore Prague’s nightlife, your stag party will be pleased to know that the dress codes are similar to the UK’s. Casual attire is the norm—you’ll usually look more out of place if you overdress—and the majority of nightlife venues will have no problem with your fancy dress ideas. However, there’s a chance that some of the fancier establishments could take issue with trainers. So, before venturing into a swanky haunt, check whether there’s dress code information online and make sure everyone in the group has packed a smart pair of shoes, just to be on the safe side.


The biggest and best party regions

  • Old Town

    Immerse yourself in the heart of the action by partying in the Old Town, where you’ll find some of the best stag do bars and superclubs in Prague. As this is the tourist hub of the Czech capital, with a staggering number of places to drink, the Old Town is the go-to district for stag parties who want to be in the thick of the activity when night falls.

  • New Town

    What group of stags would pass up the chance to party alongside Prague’s sexiest women? Hit the New Town, also considered the city’s unofficial red-light district, to visit the best strip clubs around. These are mostly concentrated in Wenceslas Square, one of the city’s main landmarks. When you’re not drooling over stunning strippers, make sure you sink a few pints in the New Town’s famous breweries.

  • Vinohrady

    Plan a night out in Vinohrady if you want to stay central but steer clear of the huge crowds. As this is a more residential neighborhood, tourists tend to pay it less attention compared to the Old and New Towns. However, this is one of the trendiest areas in Prague with plenty of nightspots that are perfect for stags. Vinohrady is renowned for its laid back bohemian culture, live music, and breathtaking city views from the Riegrovy Sady Park Beer Garden.


The best places to drink


  • The Pub

    Why go to any old pub when you can go to The Pub, the one place in Prague where you’ll never need to worry about long queues at the bar. Each table has a beer tap in the centre, allowing you to pour your own pints as often as you like. As well as providing you with a constant stream of booze, this nifty novelty also adds a touch of team spirit to the night. A live leaderboard shows how much beer each table has poured—not just in Prague, but in all The Pub venues across Europe. This means you and your mates can compete against your fellow customers and keep drinking until your table comes top!

  • The Dubliner Irish Pub

    You may be on a stag do, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget all about your favourite teams back home. The Dubliner is the place to go to watch football and other sports events on the big screen in an unbeatable atmosphere. Once the action is over, live music is usually on the agenda, so you and your stags can have a good old singalong as the beer flows.

  • U Fleků

    U Fleků is the most famous brewery in Prague, best known for its 500+ year history and massive open-air beer garden with a capacity of 1200. Though they only brew one beer here, a unique 5% dark lager, your stag party won’t be complaining when you find out just how good it is. Everyone sits at long tables, and groups often have to share, creating a lively, social atmosphere that’s bound to get you and lads in the mood for the night ahead.


  • Hangar Bar

    You and the lads won’t have drunk anywhere like this before. Hangar Bar is an aviation-themed watering hole based on the original Pan Am airlines. Gorgeous hostesses are kitted out in air steward outfits, while bartenders are dressed as old-school pilots as they prepare cocktails with flare. Chill out in the Hangar’s Pilot Lounge, then dance around the body of an aircraft in the downstairs Hangar Club when it’s time to liven things up.

  • Aloha

    Get a taste of paradise at Prague’s best Hawaiian bar. Between the fire-breathers and the bikini-clad babes dancing on the bars, there’s never a dull moment, and the cocktails are second to none, served in coconut shells and totem-pole style vessels. This hidden gem is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable night out in Prague.

  • BeerGeek Bar

    With over 30 beers on tap, BeerGeek lives up to its name and is naturally a highlight of all the best Prague stag dos. This venue has the biggest collection of bottled beers in the city, and is bound to delight any craft beer enthusiasts in your group as you won’t be able to find as many varieties elsewhere. BeerGeek even brews its own beer under the Sibeeria Brewery brand.


  • Karlovy Lazne

    Not only is this the largest club in Prague, but the biggest in central Europe! With five floors spread over a mammoth 15th century building, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to music and can get down to hip hop, dance, golden oldies and more simply by walking from room to room. Unique features include dance floors in disused swimming pools, and an Ice Pub where everything is frozen, from the walls to the glasses.

  • Zlaty Strom

    This Gothic underground venue is one of the sexiest clubs in Prague—even the tables are shaped like hot women! Zlaty Strom has legendary status thanks to its pole dancing bar, “XXL” booze and awesome DJs. The chance to break up a night of dancing and catch a few raunchy pole performances makes this bar particularly popular with larger stag dos in Prague.

  • Lucerna Music Bar

    One of the Czech Republic’s most iconic music venues, Lucerna Music Bar is the best place to go for 80s and 90s tunes, with club nights hosted underground in a retro former-theatre. The party lasts all night with the fun, nostalgic playlist attracting a diverse crowd to the dancefloor. This is the perfect place for your group to mingle with tourists and locals and get a feel for how they party in Praha.

Strip Clubs

  • Goldfingers

    If there’s one nightlife venue undoubtedly suited to a Prague stag do, it’s Goldfingers. As one of Wenceslas Square’s hot spots, this central location is very easy to get to on foot and by public transport. Or better yet, take our VIP Goldfingers Limobus, an exclusive activity for Maximise stag parties. Let loose for 45 crazy minutes of drinking and dancing with Goldfingers’ sexy stewardesses, and even enjoy a striptease on wheels! Once you and the boys arrive at the luxurious strip club, you’re sure to feel more than welcome when you take a look over the joint’s dedicated stag do menu. Choose from activities including jelly wrestling, lesbian shows, stag pranks and a chance to get the main man up on stage!

  • Hot Peppers

    A stag do is the best excuse to lap up the VIP treatment, and that’s exactly what you get when you visit Hot Peppers. Champagne is the tipple of choice and you can sip on everything from Moët et Chandon to Dom Pérignon while kicking back in the VIP Champagne Lounge. There are lots of girls performing here, and some truly jaw-dropping dancers.

  • Captain Nemo

    This is a strip club quite unlike anywhere in the UK—as the name might suggest, the venue was designed to look like a submarine! As a result, Captain Nemo’s is more modern-looking than most of the area’s other strip clubs, and features private dances and intimate shows which keep in line with the venue’s nautical theme. An underwater strip show is the cherry on top of an amazing stag do in Prague.